My name is Adesh Anand.

Profile PicI have a great zeal for technologies since childhood. And the computer science attracted me the most. Be it programming, networking, database technologies, application software and many more, I just love working with computers and learning the vast domain it offers.

My journey with computers began after completing 10+2, in 2011; for which I have waited since 3rd standard. I used to heard of the miracles this magic box can do. Soon after having my own PC, I started learning various things one can do with computers. And this zeal for learning lead me to BCA and then MCA where I got correct guidance and knowledge about latest technologies, strengths and limitations of the same and many more.

In this course, I realized that the maximum number of users are not aware of the correct ways of using technologies putting them prone to cyber threats. Technologies like the Internet, Facebook, Gmail, Google etc. are now like oxygen for its users and users can not stop using them. So users must follow some policies to defend against cyber threats.

My Mission:Enhancing Cyber Vigilance

With this mission in mind I started focusing on the technologies from the security point of view. I am a freelancer. I am working on my knowledge and skills for betterment of self and future jobs.